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2018-10-02 : 【韩国 KOREA】体验不一样的韩冬之旅 KOREA WINTER TOUR


2018-04-10 : 【澳洲 AUSTRALIA】6D4N 黄金海岸超值游 GOLD COAST VALUE TOUR

6D4N Gold Coast Value Tour 黄金海岸超值游

2018-03-12 : 【澳洲 AUSTRALIA】珀斯悠闲游 Perth Relaxing Tour

5D4N 珀斯悠闲游 Perth Relaxing Tour

2017-11-03 : 【澳门 MACAO】5D4N 澳门/香港+长隆海洋王国 Macao / Hong Kong + Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

【澳门 MACAO】5D4N 澳门/香港+长隆海洋王国 Macao / Hong Kong + Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

2017-09-29 : 【日本 JAPAN】7D5N 邂逅日本九州之美 Fabulous Kyushu tour

抛开喧嚣与烦恼, 用心体会优雅的日本九州之美。畅游复苏后的长崎, 欣赏草千里之美景。九州虽无繁华的城市热闹, 但它却有着城市所没有的氛围。 Leave your worries and troubles behind, let us embark to fabulous Kyushu which offers a fascinating mix of old and new, nature and culture. Although Kyushu is a lively and growing city, but its one without the usual hustle and bustle.

2017-09-29 : 【日本 JAPAN】7D5N 白色北海道の物语 Hokkaido の winter story

让白皑皑的雪花飘入您的掌心之间, 紧握冬天里的一丝感动。浪漫北海道之旅, 在北海道的雪地上留下您的足迹吧! Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island is a starkly beautiful landscape especially during winter, where it'll be covered in thick white snow. If you're in search of an awe-inspiring destination, may we invite you to embark on a romantic journey on this winter wonderland.

2017-09-29 : 【日本 JAPAN】6D5N 日本中部玩美之旅 Fabulous Central Japan

【日本 JAPAN】6D5N 日本中部玩美之旅 Fabulous Central Japan

2017-09-29 : 【日本 JAPAN】7D5N 精选本州游FUN天 Honshu so FUN tour

一个结合现代与传统文化的旅程 ~ 带您玩转日本最HIT最FUN的2个主题乐园, 也带您认识日本历史与文化。带着两种不同心境畅游本州! Where old meets new, where tradition meets fun! Come enjoy 2 of Japan’s most popular theme parks, not forgetting to explore the country’s rich cultural heritage.

2017-09-29 : 【日本 JAPAN】日本精彩无限 Japan Endless Discoveries

一个日本, 5中不一样的玩法! 永信旅游为您精心策划的行程, 让去过日本的您重新发现它的不为人知的一面, 体验它无限的精彩! There are just so many ways to experience Japan, our professional tour planners came up with 5 exciting itineraries just for you. Ready? Set, go!

2017-09-25 : 【日本 JAPAN】6D4N 感受日本冲绳の魅力 Let's go to Okinawa!

体验不一样的日本文化,感受非一般的海岛之旅 ~ 有着东方夏威夷之称的冲绳岛在等着您! 准备好您的护照&相机 与我们一起出发吧! Okinawa, so-called the“ Hawaii of the East” is situated at the southernmost point of Japan, will show you a very different side of this beautiful country.

2017-05-09 : 【马来西亚 MALAYSIA】马来西亚——幸福之旅程,在此开始 Malaysia, where happiness begins

Experience Malaysia like never before

2016-11-26 : 【特别团 SPECIAL】CNY Tour Speries 农历新年团

CNY holiday tours for the whole family

2016-10-31 : 【澳洲 AUSTRALIA】黄金海岸与海豚有约 Gold Coast + Dolphin Experience

【澳洲 AUSTRALIA】黄金海岸与海豚有约 Gold Coast + Dolphin Experience

2016-10-27 : 【泰国 THAILAND】泰花心之曼谷 + 考艾 + 金汤姆森泰丝农场游 Bangkok + Khaoyai + Jim Thompson Farm Tour

漫步花海 ~ 发掘世外桃源